Things Happening


I’ve been neglecting this site while things were busy with the initial launch of the book, but I’m trying to get back on the horse, so here are a few updates:

  • How a Poem Moves is on its second printing already! So thanks to those who have bought the book, requested/borrowed the book from the library, or generally talked about the book so that others can know about it. I’m glad it’s getting into people’s hands. You can find the book at ECW‘s site or on Amazon or your favourite local bookstore.
  • There’s going to be an audiobook! A couple of weeks ago I spent some time in a tiny studio reading the book out loud into a microphone so that those who prefer the “listening experience” can get HPM that way. Soraya Peerbaye read the poems, to add a different (fabulous!) voice. It’ll be a few weeks before that’s released, but it’s another milestone.
  • Since the launch at Holy Blossom, I’ve done events at the North Toronto Public Library and in Hamilton at GritLit, as well as a hilariously brief book signing at the Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when I was there visiting my sister. I’ve done a bunch of smaller book clubs as well, and am open to other invitations…
  • I’ve been — shocker! — reading a lot of poetry lately, and there are some new books I want to draw your attention to, so there may be more essays coming down the road. Not right away, but they are percolating in my addled brain.
  • More updates to come. Thanks for reading!

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